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Monday, May 3, 2010

How are You Living Your Life? Cold? Hot? or Lukewarm?

Hey the GREAT Edward here,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

A while back I wrote about about the idea of lukewarm living...

My post from last week You Just Gotta Get It Goin... 

and my good friend Paul Klaszus' post The Sum of All Successes! 

had me go back and take a look at a note I wrote before on being Lukewarm in life.

It goes a little something like this...

(From November 1, 2009)

I have been thinking about the idea of lukewarm for the past week now and wanted to share some thoughts with you about it.

Question: Are you feeling lukewarm in certain areas of your life? 
               Your work, finances, relationships, spirituality, etc.?

At times we all feel lukewarm in certain aspects of our life.

So what does it mean to be lukewarm?

I looked up the definition and this is what I found:

1. mildly warm; tepid


2. laking conviction or enthusiasm; indifferent


... the first one reminds me of water when I have spent to long in the shower before it becomes cold.

... the second one really makes me think that lukewarm reminds me of times in my life when I am in my comfort zone and pretty neutral to things even numb. They are times when I am not "cold" and doing nothing and also not hot and on fire where my determination and conviction is so strong that nothing can stop me.

I know for a fact that none of us were created to be living a lukewarm life.
Each one of us was created with the greatness inside to go for it full on in all that we do to achieve our goals, dreams, and desires that are waiting for us to attain.

I know what some of you are saying. I say it myself sometimes. Life gets in the way, challenges show up, set backs happen, and even the four letter word of FEAR creeps in from time to time.

Despite that we must remember that every day is a new day;

and a gift that is given to us to move ahead 

learning from the past; 

with great faith, hope, and belief of our vision, goals, and dreams of the future; 

to allow us to be on fire with passion and full conviction in every moment of the journey.

This is the day to start turning up the heat in your life and creating your best life one moment at a time.

You deserve it. 

You are created to experience it.

Let's get out there and be Hot in all that we do.

Crank up the heat!

Make it a great day!


God Bless!

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