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Monday, March 29, 2010

When In Doubt ... Be Thankful!


The GREAT Edward here,

Back from a refreshing weekend and ready for a phenomenal week ahead...

I received this amazing poem below on gratitude and thankfulness from my friend Coach Stoney over at 

Check it out...


Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times. During those times you grow.
Be thankful for the limitations, because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference.
It's easy to be thankful for good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings.


This poem reminds me of the great joy that comes from living a life based in this way. 

The true joy that comes from being thankful is amazing. 

It is so easy to Be Thankful for the Good Stuff,  Right? 

But...  Is it not the more challenging things in our life that give us even more joy? 

Huh?  Well when we find a way to be thankful for them too.

I believe that how we respond to the challenges in our lives ultimately decides the outcome and results. 

Respond with gratitude and an open heart that there is something great coming and what what will happen.

I am thankful every day that I have the opportunity to learn more...

and create more in this amazing world that we live in. 

I take everything as it comes with full personal responsibility...

and use each challenge as a lesson to teach me and allow me to grow to something new. 

I am thankful for all that I have...

and especially the relationships that I have created with others. 

It is through these relationships that I grow so much and get inspired to give back even more. 

Thank all of you for your friendship, I really appreciate it and value it from my heart. 

Go out and face your challenges today head on! 

It is when we move through them to the other side that we will experience ...

true joy, happiness and success in our lives. 

So, What do you think about the topic of being thankful?

Share your thoughts below.

Have a fantastic day!


God Bless!

A quote for today: "Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful that thorns have roses." - Allophones Karr

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Most Important Ingredient of Leadership.... Do You Know What It Is?


The GREAT Edward here,

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Weekend!  I sure did...

It is officially Spring time here in London Ontario Canada.

I love this time of year... 

Daylight Savings Time Kicks in and we have more hours of sunlight...

All things that Died out for the Winter are coming back to New Life...

Life is good....

A few weeks ago I was on a Mastermind call with a few of my friends and we were talking about Leadership.

One of the things we dug into was the question...

"What is the most important ingredient of leadership?"

John C Maxwell answers this question in his book "Developing the Leader Within You" as


So... What is Integrity anyway?

The dictionary defines Integrity as: The state of being complete, unified.

Interesting...  What does it mean to be Complete? 

When I looked up that definition I found Complete to mean: Having all Necessary or Normal parts.

Also Interesting...

So when we have Integrity...

We are in The state where we have all Necessary and Normal Parts.


   Our faith, beliefs, thoughts, words, and deeds match up. 

   I am who I am, no matter where I am, or who I am with.

Is Integrity something that others think of you or is it something you think of yourself?

I believe that Reputation is what other people think you are and Integrity is what we really are.

and... Our Reputation is determined by our Credibility.

Hmmmm.... How does Credibility fit into this idea of Leadership?

Well, the more Credible you are,
the more Confidence People will have in You,
and therefore Allowing You the Opportunity of having an Influence in their life... 

Since I believe that Influence is the core of Leadership (See my post What is YOUR CaPaCiTY to EARN? - RE-RE-ViSiTeD...), therefore Integrity must be the most important ingredient.


So there you have it, the most important ingredient of Leadership is INTEGRITY.

So what does Integrity mean to you?

How do you see it working in your life?

Leave your thoughts below.


Make it a great day!

God Bless!

BTW - If you follow me on Twitter or are a friend of mine on Facebook you know that I love quotes. I have a bunch of them that I carry around with me in my pocket and when I get a chance I take them out and read them.  One of them I would like to share with you today....  It goes like this:

      "Who You Refuse To BE Is Responsible For All That You DON'T Got."
                 ~ The GREAT Joe Schroeder from The Million Mind March

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who Are The Sages In Your Life?


The GREAT Edward here,

Had a PHENOMENAL Weekend!  How about You?

I am part of a men's group at my church were we meet every Wednesday morning.

Great group of guys.  It's wonderful to share with them all.

We are currently reading and studying a book called "Fathered by God", by John Eldredge.

The book talks about the stages of mans life.  Last week we got to the final stage which he called the "Sage".

When I first heard that word Sage, I thought about Eastern Culture, Religion, and Spirituality.

I did not see it in the context of Christianity at that time. 

As I have been studying the book of proverbs this year, it has becoming clearer.

In my study I came across this verse:

"The glory of young men is their strength,
grey hair the splendor of the old." ~ Proverbs 20:29

I have always had an understanding of the value of the great people in our world who have grey hair.

They have been given the gift of a great life and have so much wisdom, and understanding to share with us through their experiences.

It is strange that the stage of life of the Sage is rarely enjoyed, offered, or experienced.

For most people, this is a stage we anticipate going through in the future and it distracts us from what we need to do now, in the gift if this present moment, in order to prepare ourselves for it.

Through this I have been reminded of the value that a Sage can bring to our lives.

It is time to be more diligent and certain to seek out the wise council that only a True Sage can provide.

Too many people in the world today are far too willing to offer their thoughts on subjects in which they have no real personal experience, and their "wisdom" is not grounded in reality. 

Have you come across a few of these people in your life?

In fact, most of what they say is most likely to be a theory at best, but even more likely it is speculation only.

Wow,  watch out for these False Sages in your life.

What about an Expert?  Are they considered a Sage?  What do you think the difference is between them?

Humility might be the great dividing line between an expert and a Sage.

An Expert seeks to impress you.

A Sage offers his gift of his presence, the richness of his soul, that only comes from a long life lived with God.

So, who are the Sages in your life?

How have they had an impact  on what you do and how you live your life?

One last thought...

To many people think that people who are Sages do not have time in their lives for wise council to others when in fact it is because of this thinking that most of them find themselves alone with no one to share with.

Go find yourself a Sage today!  It will be one of the best things you ever did!

Leave your thoughts below.

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Make it a great day!

God Bless!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Next Generation of Mobile Message Marketing...


The GREAT Edward here,

Came across this AWESOME technology today from my GREAT friend Diane Hochman and had to share.

Text @wif19772 + a message to me at 87884 and then watch below for something very COOL.

What do you think? Share your comments below.

Make it a great day!

God Bless,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Gift of the Present Moment... How Are You Living It?


The GREAT Edward here,

It was an Amazingly Phenomenal Day Today!!!

About 12 Degrees C (~50F), blue sky, and Sunshine!

Spring is in the air. What could be better?

We are so blessed with many gifts in our lives.

How are we enjoying the moments of them?

Check out my video below for some thoughts on it.

Share your thoughts below.

Make it a great day!

God Bless,

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Monday, March 8, 2010

What is YOUR CaPaCiTY to EARN? - RE-RE-ViSiTeD...


The GREAT Edward here,

Hope everyone is doing Phenomenal on this Amazing Day!

This is the ThiRD Installment the serious of posts on YOUR CaPaCiTY to EARN!

If the First One What is YOUR CaPaCiTY to EARN? we discussed:

"You will only earn income to the degree that you can be replaced"

In the Second Installment What is YOUR CaPaCiTY to EARN? - RE-ViSiTeD... we discussed:

"The Role that Value Plays"

In this post I want to take a look at the second component which is InFluence.

Let's start by defining InFluence as ... "The Ability to Obtain Followers."

There were many People of InFluence in this world such as...

Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, JFK, Jesus and even Hitler.

Each of these People had the Ability to Obtain Followers.

(whether for the purpose of good or not we can leave for another post :-)

Some interesting points about InFluence:

1. Everyone in this world InFluences someone...

2. We never know Who or How Much we InFluence others round us... and

3. It is a skill that can be developed.

So, let's look for a moment at the Idea of Success.

How do you Measure Success in your areas of your life?

In your Business?

Well, that's easy... RIGHT?

Business = $$$ (The amount of money I earn)

Is this the TRUE Measure of Success?

It seems like Something is Missing....

Check this out...

If your Business Disappeared or went away Tomorrow...

What would you do?

How would you recover?

How long would it take?

Hmmmm...... Interesting Questions???

I have come to realize that People partner with People in Business.

And They are People that They Know, Like, and Trust.

This is where I see InFluence comes in.

To have true Success that will last beyond any Business you MUST have InFluence.

The ability to lead others along Your Direction towards Your Vision!

So next time you think of measuring the success in your business, ask the question...

How is my InFluence rather than How Big is my Pay Check...

Share your thoughts below!


God Bless,