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Monday, April 12, 2010

Follow the Leader Who Follows the Leader


The GREAT Edward here,

It is a wonderful Spring day today, even feels a bit like summer.

Was out doing some yard work and cleaning up things.

My daughter brought out the patio furniture onto the deck in the back yard.

I look forward to sharing many sunsets and bbq dinners together with my family there.


Leaders and Leadership is a topic that I spend a lot of time studying and practicing in my life.

I strive each day to live the moments as a true leader for everyone.

So this week I went back to look at the definitions of Leadership and this one stood out for me

"The Ability to Lead."

Hmm... that sounds pretty straight forward to me.  

To be in a position of Leadership or a Leader you have to lead.  O.K.

To lead it must mean that you have followers so...

Leadership through this definition means you that you have followers.

To be a Leader your followers need to feel like you are going to take them somewhere.

For that to happen I believe that you have to have a definite purpose, a clear vision, and direction 

that can shared with others in such a way that they can make the choice to follow you or not.

This is good.  Makes sense to me.  You?

Then here is my question:  Can Leadership also be defined as "The Ability to Follow"?

I believe to be a Leader at one time in your life you had to be a follower... 

and that who you followed determined the Leader you became and are at this very moment.

So, as a leader do you ever stop being a follower? or do you just change the people that you follow?

How have the people that you have followed changed as your Leadership has?  Or is it the same?

If the people you follow have not changed then I believe one of the following to be true:

1. You are no longer growing in your Leadership


2. You have not yet reached the full Leadership potential of those who you are following

Hopefully you are leaning more towards the second one.  

If not, then it is probably time to pick up your torch and start following someone new.

They are waiting for you to show up!

So to be a Leader you need to have followers and you also need to be a follower of other great Leaders.

Be the Leader today that you were created to be...

Go out and follow a Leader today.

Follow The Leader Who Follows the Leader.

You deserve it!  and so do your followers!

To Your Abundant and Prosperous Success! 


Share your thoughts below.

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God Bless!
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